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"My life is a pilgrimage through different continents and cultures till I reach the last Truth within myself"



"As water by cooling and condensation becomes ice, so thought by condensation assumes physical form.

Everything in the universe is thought in material form"


-- Paramahansa Yogananda--


The "condensation" of my thoughts was and is their "down pin", drawing and painting by liberating me. From my childhood I saw myself often in an imaginary film. Sitting quietly in a corner of the studio of my uncle, Ruben Locaso, I spent hours and hours painting, what gave me an almost sensual joy. I dived in this world of fantasy, where strange creatures and magic animals dominated the landscape, where everything was possible.

As Kandinsky puts it:" The artist cannot be free in life, only in art.


There is certainly an inter-cultural mark on all my art. What -according to me- really makes the difference is if you are an artist who lives and works around the world (in my case on four continents,  in seven countries).  This is an existential exposure, the true experience of the OTHERNESS, of such a variety and richness of signs and symbols which I learned to distinguish, interpret, and assimilate as they grow around and within myself becoming interwoven in my “tissue”. This experience is undeniably a fountain of creativity, perhaps it generates the inner conviction that diversity per se is the proof for the richness of this world. Thus; I’ve been tagged a “transcultural  nomad artist” and in an other order of ideas a “post studio artist”, as I can work either in a real studio or somewhere on the road , and certainly, can and will change my studio as I change the country I live in.

Concerning my creative process I work in layers weaving stories within my artwork, incorporating memories, experiences, creating a visual narrative that oscillates between reality and dream world.

Some viewers consider my clusters of images within one single painting a labyrinth, sometimes intertwined without full stop or clear progression from one to the other. They challenge the viewer to venture deep into the pictorial language of each artwork, and crack the code to unveil the whole story.

My visual art work has often been compared to stories by Isabel Allende or Gabriel Garcia Marquez and to their version of story telling in the genre of magic realism where the mundane mingles with the fantastic.

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