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When I started considering stones as surfaces to creative work, as petrified portraits, it dawned on me that I held objects with their own lives in my hands, with a life span far beyond my own. To pick them up from the ground and start working on them was an inspiring exercise. No longer leaving them un-attended and somehow hidden as un-observed on the ground, but re-writing their “life” and guiding the sight of the viewer towards them. Perhaps this was an attempted homage to all the regularly ignored shapes and contents surrounding us? I intended to demonstrate their equal beauty by bringing them to the surface, into the visible world. 


These stones are part of an Installation named STONE SPIRAL  done during The Theertha International Art  Workshop in Hantana, Sri Lanka early 2006, where 22 artists came together from different corners of the world to briefly cooperate under one roof.


Each of the stones portrays one of the artists participating in the workshop. 

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