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Odu Iranti, Mexico, 1999 – 2001


«The body has reached the destination, the soul is still on the way». This old saying proved to be correct, as I had to change continents, countries, languages and cultures. I dedicated myself exclusively to African topics for the first two years of my stay in Mexico, during which time I created this huge project of 120 art pieces: sculpted African wood, further transformed and painted with African earth colours: 13 «doors», black and white drawings, a ritualistic approach to mythology with an installation of carved and painted stools and gods, sculptures, paintings, a 5 meter long collage-(w) RAPPER, more drawings and paintings. The exhibition took place at the World Heritage Cultural Institute «Cabañas» in Guadalajara, Mexico – all together 120 running meters of art. A bilingual catalogue is available.

It was also shown in Guanajuato and  the Museo de la Ciudad , Querétaro, Mexico - In 2012 in Freising, Germany  at the Marstall- Freising


Cora de Lang  with Susanne Wenger  ( Adunni Olorisha )  in Oshogbo, Nigeria

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