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My life´s breath is  the spirit of our times.

(Hands  identify people)


My lifestyle has become a metaphor for the interpretation of my work. You might be inclined to call my life a puzzle . It shows undoubtedly a kind of weaving pattern, involving threads from various corners of the world, expressing thoughts and feelings lived and formulated in different languages, some not transferable into other cultural idioms - a blend with so many entrances.

The doorstep , which  I invite you to cross together with me, is the one, beyond which living history lies in our open hands. These hands act in so many forms and patterns, appearing in different shapes, colors and textures: they caress and pray, they grab and let go, they work and hit, they demand and express our feeling, they help others,

or go entirely different ways. However, they always remain our unquestioned companions .

We may not dedicate much time reflecting on these expressive parts of our body. This fact struck me! I wanted to pay homage to theses hands, impregnated with innumerable life experiences, since they are my best friends. And those hands of my friends and my family have their powerful share in the woven texture of my life, too. 


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