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Lo Cotidiano


I started this work in progress in Mexico, and focused on my perception of my ever changing surroundings – transforming their initial strangeness into everyday life – «lo cotidiano». Nothing that would favour exotics, that very first and short look into a fascinating world, filled with fear and promising thrills – no. Its intention is rather an invitation to an aesthetic journey, compiled from bits and pieces of my daily routine, each so negligible by itself, in such a way that the pieces themselves will not distract the viewer from my main intention. Every-day life leaves footprints behind. I was once told, that Indians were able to «read» footprints; now I am inviting the visitor of my installation to follow my essay on changes of perception from the alien to the absorbed environment, from strange and unrelated bits and pieces to an combination of inherent interdependencies, with a new meaning.


The project is meant to grow by chapters. The first chapter was made out of every-day material during my stay in Mexico. and was shown for the first time in the gallery «Haus der Kunst» in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in October 2004, as my farewell exhibition in Mexico. It is composed of 33 white «personalized footprints», floating in mid-air in a black cubicle and  with fluorescent light, allowing the viewer silent, differentiated, subjective perceptions.

It has been shown again, in Asia at “Barefoot Gallery” as part of the

exhibition “Blades of Grass” – September 2006 in Colombo – Sri Lanka.

Also in Landshut Germany, 2013 at  Global Village Exhibition.

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