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Hundred Years of Solitude – Work in Progress


The novel «Hundred Years of Solitude» by the Nobel Literature Laureate Gabriel García Marquéz inspired the works of this series. This work started at the time of my stay in Lagos, Nigeria.

I think it was the tropical African abundance of vegetation that made me recall the vivid colours of South America – that special feeling of the incredibly intense life in that book, of what was called the «magic realism» of Gabo’s work. My African artist friends, painters and writers, knew Gabriel García’s work very well, and were thrilled by the idea, that I would add authentic South American colour to their imagination of the novel’s


I was so fortunate to meet him personally while I was living in Guadalajara, Mexico.

 He knew about my ongoing project and took with him a folder with some of my paintings .

Later in Asia, Sri Lanka, I went on with this series again in the midst of the tropical vegetation  I got once more  inspired by the magic

Cora de Lang  with Gabriel García Marquez, Guadalajara, México              

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